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1 "Avery, son of Robert TYRROLD of Hagbourne (1545 will), was joint executor with his mother, Agnes, and was therefore presumably the eldest son. The executor of Avery's will, which was proved on the 27th May 1584, was his son, Robert,whose will dated 7th May 1592 leaves his estate to his wife Elienor, his sons, William, Avery, & Robert and daughters Elizabeth & Mary, but does not mention a son Timothy."
Tyrrold, Avery (I353)
2 "However the date of Robert's death is unknown. There is no doubt that Timothie TIRRELL, citizen and leatherseller of London, whose will was proved on the 11th August 1656 was a son of Robert as his legatees included his brothers, Robert, William, & Avery, his sister Mary Waller who under this name benefited from the will of her brother William, and the poor of Hagbourne."

"Timothie, the leatherseller, left 1,500 pounds "to the child that my wife now goes with if a son" or 1,000 pounds if a daughter. He also left 20Pounds to the poor of All Hallows, Bread Street, "where I now live." "

"The parish registers of All Hallows record the baptisms of three sons to Timothy & Dorothy TYRRELL: Avery 28 August 1647; William 25 August1650 (buried 9 October 1651) and Timothy 5 December 1656."
Tirrell, Timothy (I348)
3 "In the will of (David's) son, Willyam TYRROLD, yeoman of West Hagbourne, which was proved on 9th October 1587 by his wife Elizabeth, he left land and goods jointly to her and his son Davy. His other two sons, Francys & Robart, inherited 40 pounds plus land, etc. when they reached age of 21 years provided they leave and yield the land to brother, Davy, when he reached 21."
Tyrrold, William (I369)
4 "It is highly probable that the Timothy who married Elizabeth FOSTER in Virginia and had sons Robert in 1697 and Joseph in 1699 was the posthumous son of Timothie of All Hallows."

-- Timothy lived in New Kent County, VA
-- He was a vestryman in St. Peters Parish (a record is found there of the baptism of 3 of their children.
-- Dicken has Timothy as the son of Richmond Terrell (1624-1660), but most sources now see him as the probably posthumous son of Timothie (Leatherseller of London).
Terrill, Timothy (I525)
5 "One of the overseers of the will of David TORRELL of Reading, clothier, the probate date of which was 30th October 1632, was his brother, Robert TORRELL of Reading, clothier."
Tyrrold, David (I355)
6 "The legatees of Robert TYRROLD of Hagbourne in the county of Berkshire, whose will was proved on the 13th August 1545, included his four sons, William, David, Richard, & Avery."
Tyrrold, Robert (I365)
7 "The will of Francis TYRROLL of Reading, broadweaver, named his brother, Robert TYRRELL as an overseer and had the probate date of the 2nd of October 1638.”
Tyrrolde, Francis (I373)
8 "Timothie, the father's will does not mention Avery, so presumably, he died before 1656, although his death is not recorded in the registers."
Tyrrell, Avery (I350)
9 -- Councillor of Reading
-- Transported many times by his brother Richmond by Nov 1656 - to VA
Terrell, Robert (I478)
10 -- For the 8 March1665-6 visitation of Berkshire (although not in the visitation) he was 70 yrs old.
-- of Little Ponton, Lincoln county. 
Thorald, William (I1)
11 -- 1558 visitation lists as Edmond, wife listed as Borgate. Tirrell, Edward_Sir Knight_of_Essex (I10)
12 -- 1558 Visitation says Beatrix (of John Cokayn). Cokayne, Beatrice (I55)
13 -- 1612 Essex visitation says Emme/?Anne - are they the same ? Tirrell, Thomas_Sir Knight_of_Heron_Essex__Tyrell (I26)
14 -- 1612 Essex visitation saysWalter's father is Sir Walter not Sir James. Tirrell, Walter_Sir Knight_of_Heron_Essex (I17)
15 -- aged 41 on 8 March 1665-6 visitation (but not in visitation) in Berke County. Thorrald, William "of Binfeild" (I4)
16 -- arms includes: Tyrrell, Swynford, Flambert, Coggeshall, Bruin, Ingleton
--1558 visitation shows Surname as Tirrell.
Tirrell, Lyonnell_Sir Knight_of_Essex (I9)
17 -- Dicken: "They were then in New Kent in the section that became Hanover County in 1720. He died in Orange County, N. C. Feb. 1763". Terrell, Timothy (I485)
18 -- Dicken: It is tradition that William Wilkins and Betty Terrell ran away and married when she was in her thirteenth year, and he was twenty-two. Terrell, Elizabeth "Betty" (I546)
19 -- Dicken:William Wilkins was a citizen of high standing in his community and was a Revolutionary soldier. The records in the South Carolina Archives show that he served as private horseman in Captain Mapp’s Company n 1782.
-- Dicken: It is a family tradition that William Wilkins and Adam Goudelock were noted for being intrepid Indian fighters. William and Betsy Wilkins reared a large family, being the parents of sixteen children, all but two living to be grown and married. A list of the children follows, a Bible record of births:

-- Mary Wilkins, b. 11 Nov. 1769, d. 30 June 1855, m. 1789 Thomas Gillenwaters
-- Elizabeth, b. 11 Aug. 1771, m. William Cantrel.
-- Milly, b. 5 Mar. 1773, m. Davis Goudelock
-- Terrell Watkins, b. 21 Feb. 1775, m. Sally Hayden
-- Robert (Robin), b. 5 Dec. 1776, m. Sally Littlejohn, m. 2nd Tempe Gordon
-- Jane, b. 14 Aug. 1778, m. William Austell 22 Mar. 1807
-- Sarah, called Sally Wilkins, b. 28 July 1780, d. 1866, m. Joseph L. Davis
-- William Wilkins, b. 28 July 1782 m. first Patsy Jackson; second, Frances called Franky Foster
-- Nancy, b. 17 Mar. 1784, . 1847, m. Joshua Draper
-- Moses Wilkins (a twin), b. 21 Nov. 1785, d. Nov. 1815, m. Sally Lipscomb, b. 1795
-- Aaron Wilkins, twin brother to Moses, b. 21 Nov. 1785, m. Eleanor Jeffries
-- Kesiah, b. 20 Nov. 1787, m. Stephen Tolleson, d. 1852 (13)
-- John Wilkins, b. 1 June 1789, m. 1817 Polly Lipscomb, b. 1801
-- George, b. 13 July 1791, d. 1840, m. Elizabeth Martin
-- Ruth, b. 26 Feb. 1794, d. five years of age
-- Rachel, b. 26 Jan. 1797, d. 1805.
Wilkins, William (I547)
20 -- first wife Alice Daneleghe (Visitation 1558 & 1612)
-- 1558 says Elianor, 1612 says Elizabeth 
Tirrell, Thomas_Sir Knight_of_Heron_Essex (I19)
21 -- He immmigrated 1656 to VA.
-- He's believed to be the father of Timothy, Richmond, and William (this is one of the main stumbling blocks for all from these lines).
-- p. 15 deed dtd 29 Apr 1672 mentions his brother William.
-- He was in Blisland parish before that area became part of New Kent County.
-- Mentioned (as 'brother") in 1677 LW&T of Robert.
Terrell, Richmond (I469)
22 -- He signed the "Grievance" in 1677. Terrell, Richmond II (I338)
23 -- his wife Constance, according to the 1634 visitation is d. of John Blount , lord Mountjoy - he has many many royal connections. Tirrell, Thomas_Sir Knight_of_Heron_Essex__Tyrell (I56)
24 -- His will dtd 31 Oct 1764, proved 12 Aug 1765 Terrell, Richmond (I471)
25 -- in 1612 Essex visitation he is called Sir Symond. Tirrell, Edmond (I71)
26 -- Lived in Caroline 1727, Albemarle Co @ 1750. Terrell, Joel Jr. (I452)
27 -- Mentioned by his brother Richmond in 29 Apr 1672 (referring to sale of the same land to William on 26 Dec 1665).
-- Was a groceryman in London when his brother Robert stopped with him in 1656-7 after a return voyage from VA (not sure who returned?).
-- Mentioned by his brother Richmond in 29 Apr 1672 (referring to sale of the same land to William on 26 Dec 1665).
-- Was a groceryman in London when his brother Robert stopped with him in 1656-7 after a return voyage from VA (not sure who returned?). 
Terrell, William (I487)
28 -- mentioned in Uncle Robert's 1677 will. Terrell, FNU (I443)
29 -- O.F. Brown agrees that he was the aleged slayer of King Rufus.
-- OF. Brown provides compelling argument to why his wife is Adelice deClare not Giffard. 
Tirrell, Walter_Sir Knight_slew_WRufus (I68)
30 -- O.F. Brown believes this Walter was the one at the Battle of Hastings. deTyrell, Walter Sire_of_Poix (I236)
31 -- OF. Brown believes High was in the first vrusare @1098/00.
deTyrell, Hugh (I240)
32 -- OF. Brown says this Hugh went on 2nd Crusade.
-- O.F> Browns ays this HUgh sold Laingaham @1146. 
deTyrell, Hugh (I242)
33 -- OF.Brown says he's "at Wilden in Bedfordshire"
-- Constable at Windsor Castle @1217.
-- OF. Brown says he's given custody of a Normans estate in Gransden Huntingdonshire. He forfeited these estates then was re-awarded them.
Tirrell, Ralph of_Wilden_Bedfordshire__Tyrell (I244)
34 -- p. 100 of OF. Brown says that in the will of his Uncle Sir John, 1647, Sir John (his uncle) bequeaths his estate to his nephew Sir John Tyrrell, son of my brother Thomas.
-- p. 123 of OF.Brown - the implication is that he died around 5 April 1676. 
Tirrell, John_Sir Knight_of_Heron_Essex__Tyrell (I171)
35 -- p. 101 of OF. Brown says Martha was the dau. of Sir Lawrence who was cousin to Sir Lawrence of Wicken, father of Rev. Lawrence, whose two sons, Lawrence and Colonel John emigrated to America. Colonel John was great-grandfather of George Washington.(see also mention in the visitations). Washington, Martha (I54)
36 -- p. 106 of OF. Brown Tirrell, Humphrey of_Warley_Essex__Tyrrell (I30)
37 -- p. 111 of OF. Brown says Christiana/Christina was dau. of John Harlston. Tirrell, Robert_Sir of_Thornton_Tyrell (I31)
38 -- p. 134 of Brown says that Elizabeth subsequently married Willima Brandon Kt & then William Mallery. Bruyn, Elizabeth (I29)
39 -- p. 143 of Brown says Francis Tyrrell of Morcot, Rutland, in his 1670 will referes to his nephew Timothy Tyrrell, youngest son of Sir Toby Tyrrell Tirrell, Timothy (I308)
40 -- p. 217 of 1634 visitation Tirrell, John_Sir Knight_of_Heron_Essex__Tyrell (I51)
41 -- p. 88 of OF. Brown says he owned land in Cambridgeshire. Tirrell, Edward of_Heron_Essex__Tyrell (I259)
42 -- p. 91 of OF. Brown says his father (Walter) probably died 1410-1412, but this contradicts his earlier statement that Walter died. < Mar 1382. Tirrell, Walter of_Heron_Essex__Tyrel (I255)
43 -- P. 92 of OF.Brown says John fought at Agincourt alongside King Henry V. Tirrell, John_Sir Knight_of_Heron_Essex__Tyrrell (I21)
44 -- p. 95 of OF. Brown says he was a Lancastrian supporter of the Earl of Warwick and was killed on Easter Day 1471.
-- Essex Visitations list a Sir Harry_Henry who married Thomasyn Gunston as another son of Sir William, but one visitation has him as a grandson which agrees with Brown (p.97). 
Tirrell, William_Sir Knight_of_Heron_Essex__Tyrell (I27)
45 -- p. 96 Brown: not clear on which wife is the mother of the children. Tirrell, Thomas_Sir Knight_of_Heron_Essex__Tyrell (I104)
46 -- Probable son of Richmond I. Terrell, Robert (I477)
47 -- see p. 156 of Brown. Called Master of the Buckhounds. Tirrell, Timothy_Sir of_Oakley__Tyrrell (I306)
48 -- See p. 81 for origin of Sara's name. Oxford, Sarah Elizabeth (I429)
49 -- She was a niece of Judith Towles (John's mother). Towles, Elizabeth Ann (I532)
50 -- Sheriff of Essex & Herts 1551 - Part II of Essex 1612 visitation.
-- p. 98 of OF. Brown says Sir Heny married first Margaret Sulyard (per 1612 Suffolk visitation). 
Tirrell, Henry_Harry_Sir Knight_of_Heron_Essex__Tyrell (I269)
51 -- shown as 'Tirrell' in 1558 visitation. Tirrell, William_Sir Knight_of_Beeches_Essex (I23)
52 -- sold South Kendon (per 1558 visitation). Tirrell, William of_South_Kendon (I110)
53 -- starting at p. 146 of Brown there is more info, but since it is after the births of the American ancestors, I'm choosing not to include it here. Tirrell, Thomas_Sir of_Thonrton__Tyrrell (I48)
54 -- They made their home at Golansville, Caroline Co., VA
-- They joined the Society of Friends (i.e. Quakers) and were members of the Cedar Creek Meeting. 
Terrell, David (I437)
55 -- This William is "believed" to be the one who married Susannah Waters.
-- They resided in Hanover County after 1720.
-- William and his (probable) two brothers were in New Kent Co. until the creation of Hanover from a part of New Kent in 1720.
-- Many land deeds listed in Dicken.

-- mentioned in Uncle Robert's 1677 will. 
Terrell, William (I343)
56 --1612 Essex visitation says this is Sir Walter who m. Jane Swynford (Joanne Swindford). Tirrell, James Knight_of_Heron_Essex__Tyrell (I14)
57 --beheaded for treason on Tower Hill, 6 May1502, for murdering King E. -actually the two princes(p. 126 Brown)
-- p. 125 of OF.Brown says he was a Yorkist (supporter of Richard, Duke of Gloucester). 
Tirrell, James_Sir Knight_of_Gipping_Suffolk__Tyrell (I87)
58 --OF. Brown (p.77) says he probably inherited East Horndon in Essex. Tirrell, Thomas of_Essex__Tyrel (I250)
59 --OF.Brown & JTH call her Alice vs Elianor (visitations). Coggeshall, Alice (I22)
60 --p. 107 of OF. Brown says Humphrey is of Shenfield. Tirrell, Humphrey of_Warley_Essex (I114)
61 --p. 127 of Brown says he was pardoned of his father's crimes and his estates restored. Tirrell, Thomas_Sir Knight_of_Gipping_Suffolk (I92)
62 P. 1465 of the Fall 2001 Terrell Trails, based on the report by Arthur Tyrrell of the TFHS of England, concludes from the evidence that Robert TIRROLD, of Reading, is one of the sons of William Tyrrold, of West Hagbourne. The Wills of Davy and Francis both refer to their brother Robert. The will of William TYRROLD of Hagbourne/Hagborne names his three sons Francis, Robert, and Davy. Also, Davy & Robert were clothiers and Francis was a broadweaver.

On p. 1012 of the Summer 1996 Terrell Trails, a TFHS article describes the same info for David, & Robert TORRELL, and Francis TYRROLL.

The will of Francis TYRROLL of Reading, broadweaver, named his brother,Robert TYRRELL as an overseer and had the probate date of the 2nd of October 1638.”
Tirrold, Robert (I349)
63 Springfield, East Horndon, England Tirrell, Lawrence of_East_Horndon__Tyrell (I275)
64 Well documented for many descendants. Indicates "probably" when the information is likely. Source (S16)
65 Will of David TURROLDE, husbandman of West Hagbourne was proved on 15 Jan 1577/8. Executor was his only son William. Tyrrold, David (I357)