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Newsletter Articles - Listed by Volume

The following is a list of a selected set of articles that appeared in volumes of Terrell Trails. This does not include the Genealogy? Ask Dan! or Queries topics that appear in most issues. When the corresponding PDF is available on this site there will be a clickable reference in the Issue column. You can also see the same articles sorted by category.

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Vol. 01 #1 Colonial Years
#2 Colonial Years
#3 Colonial Years
Roger Tyrrell descent (Stone Age)
Vol. 02 #1 GA - Pike Co.: Terrell Relatives & the Civil War
John McTerrell (1790-1870)
#2 John Terrell Bible Record
Philemon Terrell (1750-1816)
#3 Elizabeth 'Betsy' Terrell (descendants)
What's in a Nickname
Vol. 03 #1 Descent from William the Conqueror
Henry Terrell - (Settling Pains)
#2 Heraldry - Part 1: History
#3 Dr. Joel Wingfield Terrell
Heraldry - Part 2: Colors & Symbols
#4 Heraldry - Part 3: Animals, Castles, Keys, Monsters
Vol. 04 #1 John C. Terrell
#2 Indiana Biographical Sketches
Terrells in Old Hebron Cemetery -Concord, GA
#3 Colonial Years
Vol. 05 #1 Tennessee Confederate Pension Applicationa
Texas Confederate Pension Applicationa
#2 Colonial Years
Lewis/Terrell Connection
Terrell Cemetery - Lawrence Co., MO
#3 Colonial Years-list of passengers on the Downes - from London
Rev. War Pension Applications
Robert Terrell Family
Terraul Knights of Vautravers
Terrell & Variants in Early KY Census Index
Terrell Bible Records
Terrell Family of Lancaster Co., SC
Terrells Found in KY Cemetery Records
Terrells Found in KY Obituaries
#4 John E. Terrill - Texas soldier
Terrells of the South - Rev War
Vol. 06 #1 Robert Terrill (1643-?) (Member's chart)
#2 John Terrell (1768-1850) (Member's chart)
Richmond Terrell (1695-1771) (Member's chart)
Richmond Terrell (@1600-?) (Member's chart)
#3 Absalom Terrell Pension Application Record
James Terrell (Pension Application for)
Philemon Terrell Sr. (line)
#4 Amos Terrill chart (1745-1802)
Vol. 07 #1  
#2 Terrell Land Grants in Georgia
#3 Terrell Land Grants in Georgia
#4 Daniel Turrell (?-1693) Boston, MA
Terrell Military Land Grants in Ohio
Wingfield/Terrell Descendants
Vol. 08 #1 Waters/Terrell Bible Records
#2 Joseph Burr Tyrrell
Terrell Oklahoma Tombstones
#3 George W. Terrell
More Texas Terrells
Revolutionary War Pensions
#4 Tyler/Terrell Line
Vol. 09 #1 Allen/Dandridge/Terrell
Chiles/Terrell Update
Edmund Terrill KY/IN
William Terral Decendant
#2 President Carter's Terrell Ancesty
#3 Alternative Terrell Origins
Connely/Terrell Bible Record
George Terrell Will
Henry Chiles Terrell II Descendants - Clark Co. KY
Henry Clay Terrell
Henry Terrell Will
Some Il Terrells
William (Terrell) & Susannah Materials
William Terrell Land Patent
#4 David Tirrell
New Zealand Cousins
Rucker/Terrell Descendants
Tobias Tirrell Descendants
Vol. 10 #1 Georgia Terrell Confederates-I
Terrell Korean Casualties
#2 Alabama Terrells
Georgia Terrell Confederates-II
Henry Terrell Descendants
Terrell Vietnam Casualties
#3 David H. Terrell Descendants
Indiana Terrells 1840
#4 Henry (Harry) Terrell
Jet age Terrells from SSDI - II
Vol. 11 #1 Cherokee Research
Jet age Terrells from SSDI - III
#2 Georgia Terrells 1870 Census
Overton/Minor/Lewis/Terrell Connections
Terrell Indian Connections
#3 A French Line
Connecticut IGI-Cont.
Irish Tyrrells
Walter Tyrrell & the King
#4 Connecticut IGI-Cont.
Early Terrell Soldiers
George Washington Terrell
Robert Adam Terrell
Vol. 12 #1 Asahel Tyrrel, Sr. Descendants
Connecticut IGI
Eula Terrell/Terral
GA's Cherokee County
Hambrick Lineage(s)
Thomas Jefferson Terral
#2 American Connection
Connecticut IGI
Head/Terrell Connection
Heath/Terrell Descendant
James Terrell, Indian Agent
Pike Co GA Mystery
Richmond Terrell
Sir James Tyrell (of Calais - Executed)
Virginia Colonial Terrells
W.H. Terrell Estate Record
#3 Amite County Mississippi Terrell Records
Charles Terrell
Clark/Terrell descendants
Connecticut IGI
Illinois Land Records Archive
James A. Terrel, Mexican War Vet
Mississippi Terrells
#4 Connecticut IGI
Vol. 13 #1 Connecticut IGI
Golansville (Early Terrell graves...)
John Terrell, of NC - will of
Missing Records, NC Rev. Soldiers
More Terrell Illinois Land Records
#2 Connecticut IGI
Golansville (Early Terrell graves...)
#3 Cave/Terrell Connection
Connecticut IGI
Hugh Tyrrel Arms of Poix
Kentucky Marriages
Mississippi Slave Schedule
#4 Connecticut IGI
James (Sir) Tyrrell - Hero
John David Terrell descendants
Vol. 14 #1 Connecticut IGI
Golansville Cemetery Update
Sire deTirel au Poix
#2 Daniel Terrel - will of
Jurud Terril - will of
#3 Wagons West - Rev War to WWI
#4 Americus Vespucius Tirrell Lineage
Arkansas Terrell Land Records
Golansville Quaker Cemetery Crisis
James Terrill Will
Terrell in Brazil
Wagons West - Rev War to WWI - continued
William H. Terrell, LA CW Record
Vol. 15 #1 Calvin Terrell Line
Early Tyrrels of Heron in East Herndon - I
Indiana Terrell Burials
Kansas Terrells
Kentucky Terrells
Louisiana Terrells
Madison - Terrell Deed
Roger Terrell Info
Seminole Indain Wars: Terrells
Terrell DAR Ancestors
Terrell Marriages, Elbert CO., GA (1806-1850)
#2 Alabama Old Maps Site
American Families in Brazil
Early Tyrrels of Heron in East Herndon - II
Methodist Information Site
Missouri/Mississippi Records
Seegers & Terrells
WWII Casualty List
#3 Early Tyrrels of Heron in East Herndon - III
LA : Terrell Bible Records
Pleasant Terrell, Caroline Co. VA
SC Marriages Site
South Caroline Deeds
Terrell R. Bryant of AR
Terrell to Guiton Deed
Terrell to Quals Deed
Texas Terrells
WV - Wood Co. - births (1853-1866)
WWWI Draft Registration Database
#4 Alabama Terrell Brides
Alexander Watkins Terrell (1827-1912)-Gen/Judge
Connecticut IGI
Covington County MS Terrells
Early Tyrrels of Heron in East Herndon - IV
Sarah Taliafero - mother of Terrell/Lewis descendants
Terrells in Wagon Train to Mexico 1865
Vernon Lagrange Terrell - 4th MS Calvary
Vol. 16 #1 Captain Terrell--The Hooiser Volunteers
Golansville Quaker Meeting House & Cemetery
Goodman/Terrell Connection
Henry W. Terrell of IN
Joseph Terrell, RSV
#2 Alabama Slave Information online
Comment on Early Tyrrells
Confederate Terrell Papers concluded
Golansville Marker
James Allen Terrell
Roger Tyrrell -- Thompson Line
#3 George Terrell descendants
Golansville Update
Roger Tyrrell -- Thompson Line Conclusion
William Higgins Terrell
#4 George Terrell descendants - concluded
Ira Nathan Terrill - the rest of the story
Lawmen and Outlaws of Oklahoma
New England T*R*Ls
Vol. 17 #1 Archibald B. Terrell
Craig-Terrell Connection
Dabney & Terrell Families
Other GA Terrells
Tirrells of Massachusetts
Tyrells of Essex[England]
#2 Burrus & Wheat Family Bible
Burrus, Nelson - Bible of
Burruss Marriages in VA
Old Naming Patterns
Richmond Terrell - Questions RE:
VA - Orange County - wills
#3 DAR Terrells
England : Latest Info
GA Civil War Terrells
Louisiana T*R*L Notaries
Recent T*R*L Obits
Robert, Jonatham, & John Terrell
T*R*L CSA Pensioners in FL
T*R*L Louisiana Marriages
T*R*Ls Lorrain County OH
William P. Terrell Documents
William Terrell Lewis Letter
#4 Epilogue of Terrell Origins
Francis Marion Terrell
Harris/Terrell descendants
John Ignatius Terrell
Murrow/Terrell Line
Terrill/Pres. Taylor/Madison
Vol. 18 #1 Anthony M. Terrell (ancestors of-Part one)
#2 Anthony M. Terrell (ancestors-correction)
Anthony M. Terrell (descendants of-Part two)
Terrell Obits from Baton Rouge newspaper
#3 Aaron B. Terril
Anthony M. Terrell (descendants of-Part three)
Jessie D. Terrell - added info
McKay Bible Records
Nathan Terrill Correction
O.H.P Terrell
T*R*L Servicemen 1784-1811
Turralls of East Suffolk
#4 Anthony M. Terrell (descendants of-Part four)
Vol. 19 #1 Batson/Terell - Part one
Georgia Fever
Joseph Meriwether Terrell (Gov.)
Missouri Deaths
Timothy Terrell (& Temperance)
W.H. & G. W. Terrell
#2 Abstract of Graves of Rev. Patriots
Batson/Terell - Part two
Joseph Yancy Terrell
#3 Edward Young Terrall, Sr.
Ralph W. Terrill
Robert Adams Terrell House
William Sylvester Terrell Sr.
Wisconsin Name Index
Wisconsin Volunteers 1861-1865
#4 A Line of Terrill Step-descendants
Vol. 20 #1 1883 Pensioners online
James Terrell Descendants
Kilpatrick - Terrill
Marriages Madison Co., Kentucky
Matthew Terrel, Sr. (some descendants of)
Military Databases to search
Pickens County SC T*R*Ls
South American TURLs
Tennesssee Death Index (1908-1912)
William Sylvester Terrell 1880
#2 Albany County [NY] immigrants
Joel Wingfield Terrell
John Waters(Descendants of)
Richard Gray Terrell
T*R*Ls in Texas Probate Records
Terrell Rev Soldiers on GA Archive List
Terrell/Richardson/Wynn Line
#3 Alabama Marriages
Burton/Terrell Line
Charles R. Terrell (Descendants of)
Charles Terrell Will
Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis IN
Early T*R*L Settlers in America
Ford/Terrell Descendants
George Terrell, Coosa Co. AL
Henry R. Terrill
Kansas T*R*L Marriages
Missouri Terrells in WWI
Shotwell/Terrell Descendants
Some Quaker T*R*Ls
Turls in Brazil Response
Virginia Runaways
#4 Jeremiah Terrell Descendants
Vol. 21 #1 Crum/Tirrell Marriage
John D. Terrell Sr.'s Last Will
Misc. Marriage Records
Robert Adams Terrell Bible
Terrells on Newton Texas site
Wellington Terrel
#2 Isabella Glass Terrell
John [Mc] & James R. Terrell
#3 Civil War T*R*Ls
Index to Terrell variations at Ellis Island
#4 Civil War T*R*Ls (concluded)
Tirrell Family Shoes
Wells & Holland Family Tree
Vol. 22 #1 Wilkins/Terrell descendants - Part one
#2 Alabama, Tallapoosa Marriages
Wilkins/Terrell descendants; Part Two, Concluded
#3 Edgecombe Co. NC - Terrel Burials
George W. Terrell confusion
Joseph Terrell - Lauderdale Co. AL
Louisiana T*R*L Marriage Index (1718-1925)
Ramah Cemetery - Brookhaven MS
Terrel,Terrell Sabine Parish LA cemeteries
William Henry Terrell
#4 Richmond Terrell (ancestors of)
Vol. 23 #1 Archibald Terrell/Steele
Dakan/Terrell descendants
Donaghey/Terrill Line
Enoch Terrell of Wales
James Anderson Terrell of GA & KS
Jared Terrill - Update
Mariah Louisa Terrell (ancestors of)
#2 Terrells in Spanish American War - Part I
#3 Bradley Tyrrell - descendant of Roger
Terrells in Regular Army (1789-Sep 1857)
Terrells in Spanish American War - Part 2
#4 T*R*Ls, Ridgeville Center Cemetery, Lorain County, Ohio
Terrells in US Army (Oct 1857-1913)
Vol. 24 #1 1820 NY T*R*Ls
Chancey/Chauncey Terrill
Lewis/Musick/Terrell Line
#2 Edmund Terrell/Terrill Update
Edmund Terrell/Terrill War Record
John Sillie Tyrrell (descendants of)
John Terrell (1705-1785)(member's chart)
John Terrell m. Katy Miller (member's chart)
More Ohio Terrells
Pledger/Terrell SC
Robert Terrill (member's chart)
Ruth Terrell (member's chart)
Terrells in Meigs Co. Ohio
Terrill Bros of Bath Co.VA
some Terrells of VA
#3 Elijah Martin Terrell (some descendants)
Terrell Land Patents - Part One
Terrell Quakers by Bell
#4 Terrell Land Patents, Part Two
Vol. 25 #1 New Descendants of Roger Terrill Society
Terrell Land Patents - Part Three (conclusion)
Terrells buried - Hendricks Co., IN
#2 Shepherd & Mary (Dunfee) Terrell (Descendants)
White/Terrell (some descendants)
William A. Terrell, Sr. (Capt.) (some descendants of)
#3 Duncan/Terrill
Terrell Cemetery - Amite Co., MS
Terrell Cemetery - Covington Co., MS
Terrells - Chesterfield Co., SC
Terrells - Cleburne & Shelby, AL
Terrells - Cleburne Co., AL - Terrells
#4 Boyette/Terrell
How to Figure a Birthdate
James Anderson Terrell of GA & KS
John Dabney Terrell, Sr's Memoirs
Mary Dixon Massey Terrell
McKay Bible Records
SC 1812 Militia
Terrell Inventors
William Terrell & Nancy Comer Descendants
Vol. 26 #1 Archibald B. Terrell -Ancestors
Archibald B. Terrell -some Descendants
Edmund Terrell (Some Descendants of)
England : T*R*L Spellings, 1694-1850
English Turls
Florida Confederate Pension Application Files
Francis Oliver Tirrell
Franklin Co., MS Marriages
Some Turls in SSDI
Terrell DNA Surname Project
#2 Albert Jackson Tirrell
Civil War T*R*L Pension Apps
#3 Frank R. Terrell
Gisela Terrell
#4 Connecticut Terrills
Evans Terrell Families
Richmond Britton Terrell
T*R*Ls in the Political Graveyard
Terrell Cemetery - Henderson Co.,Texas
Terrell's in Gregg County Texas Cemeteries
Terrells of Des Moines, Iowa
Terrill Marriages - Randolph Co., MO
Vickers - Terrell
Wilkins (more descendants)
Vol. 27 #1 Aaron B. Terrill - Iowa
Baines/Terrell Update
Hansell/Terrell Descendants
Lawrence County Alabama Website Records
Negus/Terrell Descendants
Terrell Obituaries
#2 Delk/Terrell of Georgia
Essex, Tyrrells
Jane Broyle Terrell
Joel Terrell (descendants of)
John Terrel (1760 - 1829) (Custom Timeline For)
Lewis/Terrell Ancestry
Ralf, Sire de Tirel and Poix (descendants of)
Reuben Turrill (descendants of)
#3 Abigail Terrell Tyler (Descendants of)
Gordon/Terrell Descendants
Mary Terrell (Descendants of)
Mehitable Terrill
Nicholas Tyrrell (Descendants of)
Rose Jane Terrell (Descendants of)
Susan Terrell (Descendants of)
Tennessee Death Index
Thomas Terrell
William Terrill
#4 Civil War T*R*LS
Edmund Terrell Deed
Edmund Terrill Fact, Fiction, and Folklore
Ellis Island T*R*Ls
Georgia - Liberty County Terrells
Georgia -Jasper Co. - Church Minutes
Illinois Statewide Marriage T*R*L Index 1763 - 1900
John Terrell Descendants
White/Terrell Descendants
William Terrell Descendants