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Known variations include: Taral, Tarall, Tarel, Tarell, Taril, Tarill, Tarl, Tarral, Tarrall, Tarrell, Tarrill, Teral, Terall, Teril, Terill, Terl, Terral, Terrald, Terrall, Terel, Terell, Terrel, Terrell, Teril, Terril, Terrill, Theral, Therel, Therell, Therrell, Theril, Therill; Thiral, Thirel, Thiril, Thirl, Thirrel, Thirril, Thorl, Thorvil, Thurvil, Tiral, Tirel, Tiril, Tirl, Tirrel, Tirrell, Tirril, Tirrill, Tural, Turel, Turil, Turl, Turrel, Turrell, Tyral, Tyrall, Tyrel, Tyrell, Tyril, Tyrill, Tyrl, Tyrral, Tyrrall, Tyrrel, Tyrrell, Tyrril, Tyrrill, etc.

The Terrell Trails masthead contains the following introduction:From the castle of Ralf, Sire de Tirel near Paris France; to England; to Ireland; to the USA; and beyond--these are some of the Terrell Trails upon the sands of time.

We do not claim either that anyone living today is a direct descendant of RALF, or that documents exist to prove lineage to him. He was living about 950 A.D. This is merely the earliest use of the name that we have found. We have also found evidence that the name was Germanized as VON GRABEN, but we have no knowledge of their coming to the USA. We have not attempted to locate descendants of that branch.


The Terrell Society of America was incorporated in 1985 and we operate from the homes of the individual officers who volunteer their time.

We are a mutual assistance organization. We collect, store, and share information about ancestors with any variation of the TERRELL surname and their descendants. In the past, we have done so through dues and donations from our members and others seeking answers to TERRELL questions.

Leave us a message if you have copies of source information (wills, deeds, marriage records, news item involving a TERRELL or descendant etc); that may not be readily available to other visitors.

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Some Terrell Ancestry Issues

As Terrell descendants in America, our quest may be to identify/document (as well as possible): 1) our known descent from a Terrell immigrant to this country, 2) our ancestry from an English Terrell, and 3) our probable descent from Ralf, Sire de Tyrrel, of Poix (France) and his forebears. If you trace back your Terrell line and reach an impenetrable "brick wall" that doesn\'t mean you are not descended from a certain Terrell ancestor. For example, if your ancestor can be proven to be descended from one of a set of brothers then you still know you\'re descended from their father (and can proceed). However, if you are looking for ancestry from the spouse of a Terrell ancestor then you (usually) have to know the exact direct lineage. As an example: if you want to claim descent from Ann Marney (who married Sir Thomas Tyrrell of Heron, England) who, in turn, was descended from William the Conqueror (and through him many other royal families) you have to make sure you can prove descent from/to Sir Thomas Tyrrell.

Tradition is sometimes all we have to go on when we're talking about 100s of years ago, but some of that was brought into question by O.F. Brown (and others). The following chart shows parts of one traditional pedigree taken from Emma Dicken (by way of Joseph Henry Tyrrell's work), which is consistent with that by Nellie Ayres [L107]. Although your exact line could follow different paths, all American Terrells who are descended from the Virginia immigrants appear to have come from only a small number of immigrant ancestors.

In Joseph Henry Tyrrell's work (and repeated by Emma Dicken) he claims that Sir Thomas Tyrrell is the direct ancestor of Robert Terrell of Reading, England. However, O.F. Brown, in his 1982 book, provides reasonable evidence to disprove this and blows that part of the more recent traditional lineage out of the water. As an aside, many of us have relied on such works as Burke's Extinct Baronetage , but O.F. Brown states that Burke's works were described as "utterly worthless" as early as 1865.

 Generation   Tradition   O. F. Brown  
Note Nellie Ayres postulates back to 1300 BC ---
1->45 Antenor(BC 443)->Ansegius (?-698), Duke of Brabant ---
46 Pepin d' Heristal (le Gros) ---
47->54 Childebrand I->Waleran ---
55 Walter I, Count of the Vexin and Amiens,
-- Living 995
56 Ralf, Sire de Tirel and Poix ---
57 Fulk de Tirel ---
58 Sir Walter (I) de Tirel(<1030-@1080), 2nd Lord of Poix
-- = (2) Alix de Fremontiers
-- accompanied William the Conqueror in 1066
Sir Walter (I) de Tirel((@1000-1010)-?)

59 Sir Walter (II) de Tirel = Anne de Clare Sir Walter (II) de Tirel((@1030-1040)-<1086)
-- He accompanied William the Conqueror -not his father
-- of Langham
60 Sir Walter (III) Tirel(?-1136) = Adelaide Giffard
-- alleged slayer of King William Rufus
Sir Walter (III) Tirel(@1060-@1118) = Adelice de Clare
-- of Langham and Poix
61 Sir Hugh (I) Tirel, 4th Prince of Poix(?-1159)
-- In the Crusades @1147; m. Ada comte D'Aumale
Sir Hugh (I) Tirel (@1080-<1130)
-- In First Crusade @1098
62 Sir Hugh (II) Tyrrell, 6th Lord of Poix
-- 1173, 1st Baron of Castleknock, Ireland
-- In Ireland 1169 with Strongbow; buried 1199
Sir Hugh (II) Tyrrell((1105-1110)-> 1147)
-- In the Crusades @1147;
-- Posessed of the manor of Langham in Essex (disputes owning 'Castle of Cnoc')
63 Sir Roger Tyrrell of Avon, Hants or Hampshire ---
64 Sir Edward Tyrrell, of Avon ---
65 Sir Galfrid Tyrrell, of Avon ---
66 Sir Edmund (or Edward) Tyrrell = Jane Borgate ---
67 Sir Hugh Tyrrell, of Great Thornton Essex = Jane Flambert
-- living 1378
(possible)Hugh (?-1313) - brother to a Walter
68 Sir James Tyrell = Margaret Heron
-- knighted before Ardes 1380
Sir James Tyrrell (@1265->@1343)= (2) > 1305 Margaret Heron
69 Sir Walter Tyrrell, of Heron = Anna Swynford Thomas Tyrrell(<1290-@1355) "the elder" = Alice Blaund
-- of Heron in East Horndon, Essex
70 Sir Thomas Tyrrell, of Heron = (2) Elizabeth Flambert (= (2) Nicholas Haulte)
-- fought at Agincourt
Sir Thomas Tyrell, Kt (@1310- < March 1382) = Alice d'Adeleigh
-- "the younger", of Heron, Essex
   (possible son)
Walter Tyrell,(?-1395) of Tweed, Essex
   (possible grandson)
Walter Tyrell,(<1340-> 1406) of Heron = Eleanor Flambard
-- sons Sir John, Edward (d. 1442), Richard, Thomas(@1400-@1444), William
-- parentage murky-provides 3 plausible pedigrees
71 Sir John Tyrrell (?-1437), of Heron = Alice de Coggeshall Sir John Tyrell(@1370-1437), of Heron (proven son of Walter & Eleanor)
-- = (1) Alice de Coggeshall (?-1422)
-- (son) William Sr. (founder of the Tyrells of Gipping & stowmarket)
-- (son) William Jr. (founder of the Tyrells of Beeches)
-- (son) Sir Thomas
72 Sir Thomas Tyrrell(?-1476), of Heron = Anne Marney Sir Thomas Tyrrell(<1428-1476) = Anne Marney
--- (sons) Sir William, Humphrey (?-1471), Robert(see p. 110), Thomas of South Ockendon (ancestors of the Thornton Tyrells)
73 Sir Thomas Tyrrell(?-<1490), of Ockendon = Elizabeth Le Brun Sir Thomas Tyrrell(?-@1480), of South Ockendon = Elizabeth Bruin
74 William Tyrrell(?->1468), of Ockendon = Elizabeth Bodley William Tyrrell(<1460->?), of Ockendon = Elizabeth Bodley
75 Humphrey Tyrrell(?-15 Jan 1548), of Thornton Hall = 1519 Jane Ingleton Humphrey Tyrell(?-Jan 1548/9), of Thornton Hall = Jane Ingleton
76 George Tyrell(?-16 May 1571), of Thornton, Ockendon, and Bruyn
= (1) E. Montague (double descent from King Edward I)
George Tyrrell(@1530-10 May 1571) = (1) Helen/Elinor Montagu
-- of Thornton, Ockendon, and Bruyn
--(sons) Sir Edward of Thornton, William of Ockendon, Thomas of Rushton
77 William Terrell, of Bruyn and Reading) = (MNU) Richmond The connection breaks down -- This chart shows O.F.Brown's suggested ancestry of (with enhancements by other knowledgeable persons) Terrell Immigrants to Virginia
78 Robert Terrell (?-12 June 1643), Councillor of Reading
= Jane Baldwin at St. Giles, Reading; 29 June 1617
79 Richmond Terrell(b. 1624)
--emigrated to America 1624
--brother William (b. < 22 June 1629) in America 1658->1665
Generations 66->76 are consistent with the Buckinghamshire & Essex visitations.
See here for some excerpts we've saved.